Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AN Elegy to BPO

In the Shadows of the dialer thou stray

In pursuit of the leads those lay>>
Get more or the most as we speak
Coz for each one of them, a sorrow we pay.

Shift shifts as the time breezes by
Nice and merry times, on other side of the logout they lie
More leads! As the AM screams
Ripples of agony, deep in heart they fly.

Friendships bloom and love blossom
Of those sounds, always seemed awesome
Till heavens crashed one day
Ripples in the heart, Of the times that were gay.

Who's Next? And the rumor flies
Promotions, Demotions, Incidents and cries
Who hate we, who we hate clearly shows
Brickbats follow accusations...and Chivalry dies.

As your family and friends sleep
"logged in" you are within thoughts very deep
Remember my friend I tell time and again
If you don't get out, they'll never be "memories" you can keep

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